Not your mama’s baby shower…

I was lucky enough to be invited to a baby shower hosted by my friend Leti this weekend. Now, most of the time, I would dread baby showers or wedding showers or anything that might be uncomfortable, where I’m surrounded by people I don’t know, eating pastel mints and canned peanuts. But in the few hours before the 2:00 shower, my husband asked me whether I had eaten enough to sustain me until dinner time, and I answered, “Uh, hello, Leti’s throwing this shower?!” To which he responded, “Oh. Right.”

I will be giving you the lowdown on what was served at the shower (of course, there were games, and gifts, but the food’s what’s important, right?), but let me preface it first by telling you a little bit about Leti. Leti is the queen of celebrations, the most generous giver of gifts, and the most meticulous party planner I know. She will wrap a present so beautifully you feel sad to open it. She will make her own gift cards, garnish the simplest of lunches, and make a gift bag worth receiving.

I was excited to receive the hand-made invitation (pictured above), and couldn’t wait to see what was in store. The food table was decorated with two huge glass vases full of a colorful array of flowers, and whole limes were floating in the water between the stems. The table was covered with food: tiny skewers of chicken covered in spices (these I cannot vouch for, since I didn’t taste them, though I was tempted), crunchy cheese bread straws, little sandwiches filled with flavored cheeses and meats, marinated fresh mozzarella and grape tomatoes with fresh basil, whole seedless grapes tossed with yogurt, cinnamon, and walnuts, crudites cups (carrot, celery, and cucumber sticks with skewers of grape tomatoes standing upright in a tiny cup with dip at the bottom), and pretzel kisses (pretzels topped with melted chocolate and candies). Did I miss anything? Oh, and cake. I was bummed that I didn’t bring my camera to share the beautiful food with you all.

Aaaah, a party at Leti’s is a party worth attending, even if you have to bring a baby gift.

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