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I’m trying to catch up with life. I just started a full-time job, and it’s very different for me! I’m used to working here and there on different projects. Now I am the full-time Director of Operations (or, as we like to say in-house, Chief of Stuff) for Foreign & Domestic. Hooray! It’s pretty awesome to work for a company that you adore so much. It’s so easy to overwork – there are so many things I want to do and accomplish for and with them, so I’m trying to step back and redefine my work/life boundaries. But still, I’m loving it. It’s TOO much fun.

Last week I was lucky enough to go on a GM Good Taste Tour with a few other “influencers” and Ned and Jodi. We traipsed around Austin, chauffeured in awesome cars, and were filmed for an upcoming video, which I’ll definitely link to once it’s done.

We started at Contigo – these guys know how to make BEAUTIFUL stuff! The cocktails and food were gorgeous, and I really enjoyed the tri-color pickles.


David and I got to hang out together, which was lovely. And yes, I colored my hair PURPLE! I absolutely love it, but I am so ready for it to stop bleeding purple in the shower. Mainly because it’s super hot in Austin, and I’m ready to go swimming, but not ready for a puddle of purple around me. 🙂


It’s been so great to work with Jodi more – she’s such an awesome gal, and so freakin’ talented. We got to hang out on the GM tour, too.


After Contigo and awesome barbecue at Freedmen’s (OMG fatty brisket is my fave), we had entrees at Foreign & Domestic. Which was, of course, amazing.


After the tour was over, I somehow managed to score a Buick Enclave for a few days. OMG you guys. I drive a little Suzuki, which I’m very happy with. But this car… it was the smoothest ride I’ve ever had. It just glided along the road. It had all the bells and whistles – a sunroof and a moonroof, XM radio (with a dedicated CBC3 Station! Yay Canadian musicians!), a DVD player, a back-up camera, and 8 bajillion other things I didn’t know how to use – but what what I miss the most is how easy it was to drive. So someday, once I tire of Little Pica (as my Suzuki is named), I shall hope for a Buick.


Working at the restaurant during the day has been so much fun. Sometimes I get to see guys like this.


And other awesome/gruesome/amazing things. (Live crabs! Growing pea shoots! Duck tongues!)

I’ve also been hangin’ with pals – Rachel & Logan came over and shared some amazing pastrami with us. We always feel so lucky when Logan cooks for us.


We also had a VERY HOT Saturday at Wimberley Market Days. I didn’t find much this time, I think because I was just miserable with the heat, but I did pick up some pickles and a little gift for my mama, which I really need to mail off soon.


We also had a dinner with the sixlet at Olive & June, which was great. We had some great cocktails and lovely snacks, and they didn’t seem to mind our excessive laughing and general fun.


I had a girls’ night with my gal pals, which was great as always. What would I do without my girls?


I’ve also managed to get the F&D staff addicted to JuiceLand. The staff lunch of choice now is usually a green smoothie of some kind.


But most days, I’m hanging out at the counter at F&D, working on my laptop, laughing at the antics of these amazing chefs. Life is good, folks.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. That is so awesome!! Very happy for you! It’s so crazy that I’ve seen a couple of those pics on Instagram or somewhere and your purple hair didn’t even register with me!! I guess that means it totally suits you. 😉

    1. Thank you so much! And the purple is already fading to pink, which may be even cooler. 🙂

  2. WOOHOO! Purple! Jobs! Buicks and FUN.

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