Gibson Bar & The Trailer

Tonight we went to Gibson Bar and The Trailer to sample goodies at a food blogger event. Honestly, my expectations weren’t too high for another food trailer, this time with pub grub, next to a bar. I was so pleasantly surprised!

I really liked the interior… I loved the black cushy booths. (Look, it’s James! Everybody say, “hi James!”)

We were given wine and bubbly options, but there are plenty of beers and a full bar, too.

All the food is made in this dandy trailer, parked right outside the door. And holy moly, the food. I can’t really explain why I loved it so much — it was super-decadent… lots of fried things and things wrapped in bacon and things topped with cheese — but it was actually well-done, flavorful, and somehow fresh. Justin said it’s like pub grub, but with a lot of effort… you know in your mind that it’s decadent, but you’re not thinking “ohmyga this is so greasy I can’t eat another bite.” I didn’t mind eating fried and fried and fried, though I did really want a sno-cone afterward, you know, to round things out. Maybe a sweet cocktail or two would do the trick. Or a nice cold glass of Firemans #4.

We were able to taste lots of menu options (the photos below show what a full order would look like; we tried small samples of each, lest you think I’m a gluttonous swine):

First up, the Trailer Burger. Yep, that’s a Round Rock donut acting as the bun, stuffed with a juicy patty, bacon, and cheese. I only had a taste, and I’m not sure I could finish the whole thing, but the salty with the sweet was perfect. On the side of each dish were the Tater Sticks: hand-cut, buttermilk battered, seasoned fries. Um, battered fries? Yes, please. The Trailer Sauce on the side was a sort of barbecue ranch dressing. Mmmm.

Next up were the Dedos (chicken fingers). I have to say that I’m really turned off by the name… as a Spanish speaker, dedos just means fingers, and it grosses me out. But! These chicken fingers were perfectly fried and still juicy inside. The spicy honey mustard sauce was AWESOME. If they sell it in bottles, I’d buy four.

This is the “Welcome to Texas” Chicken Sammie. Fried chicken (really juicy, too), cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle on Texas toast. A solid chicken sandwich, if you ask me, and they also serve it seared instead of fried.

Now for the hot dogs. You know, hot dogs should always be wrapped in bacon. I’m just saying.

Below is the Buenos Dias… an all-beef hot dog split and seared, wrapped in bacon, and topped with cheese and a FRIED EGG. Yes, people, I said a fried egg on top. OF THE HOT DOG. Oh, this was so good. I couldn’t believe how perfectly the egg was fried… the yolk was still a tad runny, but not so runny that it ran all over your arm when you took a bite. Did I mention the fried egg?

And finally, we tried the Loaded Baked Potato, another bacon-wrapped hot dog with a slice of crispy potato, queso, sour cream, and chives. So delicious… You know, I could do without the queso, but only because I love sour cream, and would rather have more of that any day. 🙂

So you see how the food is crazy decadent? But somehow, I promise you, YOU WILL EAT IT ALL, AND YOU WILL LIKE IT. We’re already planning our next trip back… and we’re thinking of going this Sunday, for…

A Memorial Sunday Crawfish Celebration! With cold beer! You know, I’m iffy about crawfish in these parts, but after our meal tonight, I trust The Trailer to do it right. As my friend James (hi James!) said, “It’s all-you-can-eat! And I can eat a lot!”

So maybe we’ll see you all there on Sunday. And afterward, we’ll all go for sno-cones. 🙂

10 responses to “Gibson Bar & The Trailer”

  1. I must go here immediately.

  2. It was fun watching that building take form every day from the vacated old workshop to what it is now. But now that I know what’s inside…. yum… i want!!! 🙂

    1. You should TOTALLY stop by on your way home from work someday… and call us if you do so we can meet you there!

  3. Dammit, now I’m even MORE sorry I wasn’t in town for this! I’m glad Gibson has added food, though with the Odd Duck right there, I’m going to be awfully torn…

    Thanks for the pics!

    1. Oh yeah, Odd Duck… haven’t been there since we went together! I should try that again soon. Also? COME HOME!

  4. Epicurean Vixen

    Of course it’s pretty inside! It’s a Mozersky! 🙂

    1. Ah, that makes sense!

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