dinner at cipollina

Even though at the moment food sounds icky (it’s all soup and Gatorade at the moment… don’t you just love being sick?), I wanted to share these photos from a recent dinner at Cipollina.

Caesar salad and corn chowder…

Tagliatelle with house sausage and endive…

And white truffle pizza with rosemary.

6 responses to “dinner at cipollina”

  1. Oh goodness, white truffle pizza? Sounds absolutely divine! So gourmet 😉


    1. It was pretty decadent! And truth be told, I like their margherita pizza better. 🙂

  2. That pasta looks crazy delicious.

    1. And so it was!

  3. I’ve been meaning to go there for so long! It looks delicious.

    1. We really like it… It’s just a block away, so we probably go there too often. 🙂

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