East Side Pies

I stopped at East Side Pies to pick up a pizza for our girls’ movie night. I love this place… it’s a tiny storefront that sells whole pies and slices, and though you may be able to snag a chair outside, it’s really a take-out kind of place.

The case is full of options for heat-and-eat… slices and pepperoni rolls and such.

We tried the Frankie, with sausage, ham and mushrooms. I love the thin and crispy crust!

Mmmm, pizza. I think I could eat pizza every day and not get tired of it. 🙂

3 responses to “East Side Pies”

  1. that looks incredible. i’m with you. daily pizza works for me! ; )

  2. I loooooove thin, crispy pizza crusts, but when I get to the actual crust bit with no toppings, I like it doughy and thick. I’m weird, I know 😛


  3. oh! that pizza was so yummy! also, i was at epoch yesterday getting an iced coffee and there was a tasty pizza smell coming from the back…i said “is that eastside pies you are cookin back there? i am so happy to know i can get it just around the corner from my house.” to which the barista replied, “yep…and did you know they are opening a new location at airport and 53rd?” needless to say, i spent the whole evening imagining what it will be like to call eastside pies on the phone and have them deliver a tasty pizza to my door. life is about to get better…

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