East End Wines

I stopped at East End Wines to pick up some bubbly for a girls’ movie night my friend was hosting. (We watched Sense and Sensibility, then Pride and Prejudice. We’re hopeless romantics. You do remember my hopeless crush on Mr. Darcy, right?) It was a Friday evening, and I was lucky enough to pop in when they were holding a wine tasting.

The place is gorgeous… it’s a beautiful white house on east 12th Street.

The wines are shelved from wall to wall, and there are also select beers and liquors.

Sam, the resident sommelier/wine buyer, helped me choose a perfect pink bubbly (Torre Zecchei sparkling rosé) as well as a reserve bourbon (Corner Creek) and an organic gin (Tru 2). I’m so excited to try that gin! They had plenty of whites, reds and pinks.

Everyone was really friendly and helpful, and they created a customer profile for me so that I can keep track of what wines I’ve purchased. They hold free wine tastings on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4 – 7 pm. Stop on by!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to a wine tasting, but a) I’m underage and b) I might get a liiiittle bit tipsy. I drank a bit of beer with dinner the other day, got asian glow and when we went out for a walk, kept singing Bollywood songs. But seriously, they are stuck in my head all the time (ever seen Indian Thriller? Check out the one with the lyrics. But I think Chinese lyrics are funnier.)


    1. You are too cute/funny/awesome! I have seen Indian Thriller! I didn’t know they made it with Chinese lyrics, too, though I suppose it wouldn’t do me much good since I don’t know how to read Chinese… 🙂

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