Comfort food

Sunday afternoon, I was in serious need of some comfort food. So we headed down to Nueva Onda, a little Mexican-food place on South Congress. We used to come here every weekend for breakfast, but when we moved downtown, we sort of forgot about it. The food is good, though not fabulous…what I really come here for is the horchata. This place makes my favorite horchata in all of Austin. It’s so sweet and cinnamony. like perfect drinkable rice pudding…great, now I’m craving some and they’re not open.

I couldn’t have an horchata without a bit of fried goodness to go along with it, so I ordered a beef gordita and a beef crispy taco. The meat filling wasn’t the best…a bit dry and over spiced. And of course, that horrible yellow cheese…but still, you have to have something with that horchata!

Justin opted for a few jalapeno tamales…once peeled, they looked hideous, so I strategically photographed just the cornhusks. The tamales were good, though not as scrumptious as those from Mr. Natural, the vegetarian Mexican place we sometimes visit.

A better choice here would be the fideo, or the breakfast plate with perfectly runny eggs and fried potatoes. I just love their salsa-in-a-squeeze bottle, which makes dousing your taco with salsa so much easier.

What can I say? Go there for the horchata.

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