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January 17, 2011

Late lunch: I slept late, then just wasn’t hungry. I finally toasted a tortilla and stuffed some black forest ham in the middle.

Snack: Another guilty pleasure – chocolate covered donuts. Preferably the Hostess kind. 🙂

Dinner at Texican Sports Cantina: nachos supreme with beef. Texican is our comfort spot, where we eat snacks and watch lots of sports. And we always, always order the nachos.

As well as the tortilla soup. Not pictured: a Dos Equis with lime for me, and a Fireman’s #4 for Justin.

Late night: we met Rachel and Logan at Apothecary for a bit of wine and chit chat. Did you know they’re about to leave for over a year to travel around the world? I’m happysad. Happy for them, sad for me.

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