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March 25, 2013

Oh, Monday. Why are you so difficult?

I was rushing out the door, so breakfast was a cup of coffee (or a half a cup, which is all I had time to gulp). I took a jar of sprouted almonds for a snack.


After some work at the studio, I hopped over to JuiceLand for some sustenance. This is the Ninja Bachelor Party (one of my favorites). My pal Kate had the Berry Godmother and a Medicine Man shot, since she’s feeling under the weather. Then more work at the studio.


I stopped at Central Market for some groceries. I was hungry by this point, but had no time to eat, so chocolate Zico to the rescue!


I dropped off the groceries at home, then whisked over to Casa de Luz for some book talk. This is hibiscus peppermint tea, creamy cauliflower & summer squash soup, and salad greens with sunflower-cilantro dressing.


More talking, and then dinner: brown rice with pumpkin seeds, blanched greens with walnut-pecan basil sauce, sauteed mixed vegetables, red beans, and red sauerkraut. YUM.


This is probably the first time I had dessert at Casa – this is coconut cream with cherry kanten. It’s like jello, but vegan. Pretty good, but I was too full to eat much.


I made it home just in time for our sunset ritual of snacks or drinks on the patio. A margarita toast to our green trees and beautiful sunset.


Dark chocolate sea salt caramel. Zomg.


My new favorite snack: Ak Mak sesame crackers smeared with a bit of whipped feta and topped with raw sauerkraut kimchi. I have no idea how this started, but it was a good thing.


How was your Monday? I hope it was dreamy.

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4 Discussion to this post
  1. Nicole says:

    No time to eat?! That time doesn’t exist in my book.

    Where did you get the glass your margarita is in? I *LOVE* it.

  2. SQUEE dark chocolate caramels!

    must… start… blogging…

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