Hey internets. Remember Daily Eats? Here’s today’s.

Migas, cold sautéed Brussels sprouts, sliced avocado with salt, coffee, juice (carrot, ginger, Swiss chard, apple, cucumber, celery). We save all of our jars and bottles, and these from JuiceLand are perfect for our homemade juices. Also, I didn’t end up eating the tortilla.


We shared raw turnips, carrots, radishes, and kohlrabi with a bit of carrot-green/radish-green salsa verde, olive oil, salt, and pepper (a la Kate). Iced Sweet Desert Delight tea. (Coincidentally, the first time I tried this tea over ice was at in.gredients.) Our evening patio ritual was shortened today because it was so chilly outside!


Adzuki beans (cooked simply with onion and salt) and colby-jack cheese. My desk is so messy.


That tortilla I didn’t eat earlier with some avocado and sea salt. Note to self: you cannot revive an already-toasted tortilla.


Walnut brownies. This is my new favorite recipe. I had two of these. 🙂


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend – mine was quite fantastic, full of girls’ nights and pizza parties and long walks and sleepovers. Here’s to a great week!

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