Weekend Moments #3

Hello again! Here’s another quick weekend video.


  • On Friday, I snuggled with Roux. Then my friend E. and I went window shopping at West Elm, Nest, and Threshold. I didn’t buy anything. That night, we met our friends B. and C. at Sagra for drinks and dinner. After that, we took our friend J. for drinks at Fino (where we saw a very tired Josh), then at Highball (I’m too old for that place).
  • On Saturday, we did a whole lot of nothing. We watched the cats play, and I worked on my NYC scrapbook.
  • On Sunday, I had toast. I always eat it the same way – one with butter and one with butter and jam, and then I take a bite of each one back and forth until they’re gone.
  • Later, I had hot cocoa and read magazines. Then Justin went to a Super Bowl party, and I stayed home and cooked. I felt like having home food, like what I had growing up, so I cooked some ground beef and potatoes and tomatoes with beans and tortilla. It was perfect. I had a St. Germain cocktail with it.
  • Then I decided to bake a cake. I’ll share the recipe with you soon, but it is THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER.
  • And then it was time for Downton Abbey. I can’t live with these cliffhangers! Someone get rid of Lavinia and Sir Richard already!

Have a great week, everyone!

2 responses to “Weekend Moments #3”

  1. Yay! Thank you for this weekend’s update. I so enjoy these.

    And I just watched Inside the Actor’s Studio with George Clooney so it’s nice to get some Rosemary in! 🙂

    This makes me happy.

    1. Thanks so much! Have a great week!

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