Smitty’s Market

A week or two ago, a group of coworkers and I drove out to Smitty’s Market for lunch. It was a farewell lunch for J., and it was perfect. There’s just something wonderful about the barbecue joints in central Texas – they make me happy. At Smitty’s, the fatty brisket and the sausage are my favorites.

Don’t you just love film? There’s just something rich and wonderful about it that feels so different from digital. Every time I develop a roll, I ask myself, “why don’t I use film more?” So, I’m going to try to use film more.

4 responses to “Smitty’s Market”

  1. I want to shoot in film again. It’s so frustrating but SO rewarding, especially if you develop and print them yourself.

    1. Yep. Justin used to develop his own film way back when, but we don’t have a darkroom now. I still love shooting film, though.

  2. I love the texture of these shots!

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