West Texas

This is the sunset from my parents’ front yard. West Texas can be so beautiful.

This is my niece, who grew up without my permission, and is now married and in college.

This is my nephew’s graduating class. He also grew up without my permission and starts college in the fall.

These are the books my parents let me buy from the Especially For Girls book club when I was a kid. I told them they could sell them in a garage sale. I changed my mind – I want to read them again.

This is my cap from Space Camp (6th grade?). I’m rockin’ it.

I can’t believe my mom kept all my old toys and things – I went through them all and put a huge stack of books (mostly college books) on the garage sale pile. But my stuffed Papa Smurf, my Mickey Mouse pillow, my achievement ribbon for jumping 31 times in jump rope in kindergarten – those things I just can’t let go of. How do 34 years pass so quickly?

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  1. oh this post just tickles me! I too have been thinking about the books I read when I was a young girl, summertime being that perfect time to be totally immersed in books. Even the other day I wanted to look them up and maybe order a few just to see how it would be to read them now. I may still do it! 🙂
    and oh that west texas sky, Crystal. Even though I don’t enjoy the less than scenic drive to get there, I do love the open space I feel when I am there. It’s in my blood and bones, I love it. It strikes a deep chord in me, I hope it always does.

    1. Yes, the sky is so amazing. I love that I can see a bajillion stars at night! But I agree, the drive is blah. Although last week, there were so many wildflowers!

  2. First up, Hello! Sorry I have been so out of touch!
    Second, I love Miranda in the Middle!
    Third… Space Camp! You were a lucky kid.

    1. I don’t even remember what Miranda in the Middle is about! But I’m anxious to read these. And yes, I was super lucky- I went to Space Camp for a week, then flew with my class to Florida to see the shuttle launch. (It was delayed, so we didn’t see it launch, but we did see it on the launch pad!) 🙂

  3. OMG is that “How I Broke Up With Ernie” an R.L. Stine book!?!? If so, I need to borrow it once you’re done with it! I was hooked on Goosebumps as a kid.

    And seriously, that sunset picture is INSANELY beautiful.

    1. I think it is! I’ll lend it to you when I get it from my parents’ next time!

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