I wish I was as comfortable in front of the camera as Justin is. He really doesn’t have a choice, because he’s my favorite photography subject. I have to submit an author photo for my book, and I’m dreading it so much! Even though an amazing photographer has offered to take the photo, I asked him if he could do it without showing my face. Doubtful.

A few nights ago we ate at F&D so that I could take some food photos for the website and such. As usual, the food was amazing. My favorite part was the pineapple blondie with whipped cream and cucumber granite – I finished the whole thing (Justin only got one bite)! There was something about it – the color? the pineapple? – that reminded me of the green stuff my aunt used to make when I was little. Love.

I’ve been working a LOT lately. One day this week, I drove north to take photos for a website, drove south to have lunch with a friend, drove back north to work the afternoon in the studio, drove back home for dinner, then worked until midnight at home. I woke up this morning and decided enough was enough. I canceled my evening plans and limited my hours working. I stopped at the grocery store, and now I have a huge pot of veggie marinara sauce bubbling on the stove (I’ll freeze most of it for future dinners), a no-bake Nutella cheesecake chilling in the fridge, and a nicely written letter to a friend. Oh, how I needed this night of rest and time spent with my love.

I’ve been thinking about New Mexico lately. I grew up there, and sometimes I miss it for reasons I don’t even understand. I talked with my mom today, and she said that she and my dad had taken a road trip through Ruidoso, to Chimayo and Santa Fe, to Albuquerque and through Clovis. It sounded lovely! Justin and I took a road trip to northern New Mexico years and years ago, and I think it’s time to go back this fall. I will gaze at the autumn leaves and dress in scarves and gloves and eat red and green chile and sopaipillas and fry bread and stacked enchiladas and piñon ice cream and green chile burgers. Yes, I think I’ve just planned our autumn vacation.

Today I was crushing tomatoes into the marinara pot with my hands, wearing my new apron (straight from Hanoi, courtesy of the Coops), chatting with Justin, with music playing in the background. I realized that this was another one of those moments I dreamed about when I was younger – and here it was, real as ever. I am trying to realize the many ways that I am living my dreams – to be grateful for the wonderful life I lead with a wonderful husband.

A few lovely things.

Today’s song: Into Black/Blouse

Happy Friday!

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