Too much perfection

First of all, thank you all so much for all of your wonderful comments on my post about the book! I am so grateful for your support – I can’t believe people are already ordering it! I appreciate it so very much.

Yesterday I turned 33, which doesn’t feel much different, but is still a great birthday, nonetheless. It was such a wonderful day:

  • I had breakfast with Justin (bagels and cream cheese!)
  • I had a fun day at work
  • I got presents! (Seriously, the most awesome kitchen stuff ever, plus Starbucks gift cards and money and t-shirts)
  • I had lunch with a great group of gals at the East Side Drive In (fish n’ chips, plus fried oreos and a coconut sno-cone!)
  • I had an amazing dinner at Uchiko with my love
  • I got so many birthday wishes from people around the globe

Today was somehow just as lovely, with new friends, new projects, and lots of smiles. I feel overwhelmed with happiness – I actually think tonight I need to just lay low, read a calming book, go to bed early, and calm down all the flutters in my heart. I feel so very blessed today. I just want to savor it.

Oh, also, I added links to where you can buy the book on the sidebar, as well as a stream of my iPhone (Instagram) photos below that. It’s kind of fun to have a place to keep those little iPhone moments!

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  1. It’s great when little moments of happiness collude.

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