Yesterday I received my swap goodies from Vidya, a web-pal that happens to live a few blocks from me. We decided to swap a few crafty things, and I got the cutest stuff! She made me a softie, (I named her Olivia), a velvet rabbit with lopsided legs and a flower in her hair. The flower is actually a pin, so I can wear it myself if I want. I just love how soft and huggable she is! She also made fortune cookie soap, which smells lovely, and this really cool bath tea, made with lavender and rosemary, that you actually boil then steep in your bath! And we all know how much I like baths. There was also a cute little magnetic guy that holds a pen in his mouth (he’s on the fridge now, holding my dry-erase marker for my grocery lists), and a box of Japanese bubble gum. Too fun!

In return, I made her these goodies. She said she liked flowers, so I kind of centered the goodies around that theme. I made a tote bag with a detachable flower pin (tutorial here). This was the first time I made double handles, and there were no visible seams. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I also made some greeting cards with my favorite flowery paper and vintage ribbon that my friend Lindsay gave me, along with some handmade envelopes. I sewed a pincushion that was embroidered with flowers and topped it with flower-pins, and finished it all off with a CD of my current favorite tunes. Hopefully she’ll enjoy everything!

Our next swap is an apron and kitchen item swap, which I’m really looking forward to. I love swaps!

6 responses to “Swap!”

  1. fun, fun, fun! and i bet those japanese craft books are fuel for other swaps… little olivia is just perfect, too!

  2. the rabbit looks very cozy 🙂

  3. Yea for swapping and Olivia! And the CD works on my computer…perfect for when I’m reading your blog! Aprons!

  4. What a a treat. Olivia is adorable.

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