Stuff I Like #3

Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh I want this camera. [via Paper Pastries]


Jamie’s photos of behind-the-scenes at the Oscar de la Renta show are amazing. The colors, textures, and hats of this new line remind me of the photos Rachel and Logan have been posting of Bolivian women. (Yes, I expect you to click all of those links.)


I am completely in love with Nam’s coverage of Pitti Uomo and Milano Moda Uomo. Just look at these men! They’re more stylish than I could ever be. (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven)


Ai’s lunch of rice porridge, sesame green beans, and deep-fried tofu has me drooling.


Have a great week, everyone!

7 responses to “Stuff I Like #3”

  1. i’ve now decided that i’ll be a lot more daring when it comes to my style. thank you thank you for the link with the pix of pitti uomo, bellissimo!!!

    1. I agree! If these men can do it, surely I can too…

  2. Thank you for sharing those pictures. I could look at the Oscar de la Renta stuff for days on end. There is something to be said for making pretty clothes. I respect the designers who really push the envelope, but I am a sucker for feminine clothing.
    When I was younger, my mom had a ODLR ball gown that she wore for an event. She sold it before I was of age to wear it and I get depressed thinking that it is gone forever.

    1. Omigosh – do you have photos of her in it? I can only imagine…

  3. i COVET, too! they’re so cute, i’m tempted to collect the entire set. 😀

  4. sorry, i wasn’t specific in my comment — i was referring to the la sardina cameras. 🙂

    1. Yes! I keep telling myself, “You do not need another camera. You do not need another camera…”

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