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We’ve had such a great weekend! On Friday we traipsed around Austin, having snacks and drinks and desserts and chats. On Saturday, Aimee and J came over for snacks and drinks, and we stayed up into the wee hours playing train dominoes and making cocktails. I made these pistachio balls – some are filled with honey, and some are filled with grapes. Quite yummy.

I also made crackers for the first time ever. I need to work on this – I think it’s all about how thick or thin you roll out the dough. And also, I didn’t adore the flavor – I’m not sure if my flour is too old or it just needs some herbs and spices or what.

Tonight we got to hang out with Chad and Linds in their lovely backyard. It was almost chilly out!

Oh! I also put a link at the top of the blog to my Instagram feed. You can see my notes if you hover over the photos. I like being able to scroll through my feed and see a photo diary of my weeks, and I want to take more photos!

I’ve been finding lots of inspiring stuff on the internet, so I’ve decided to start sharing it here. I haven’t been using Pinterest much since the whole “ownership of photos” thing, and I actually feel better about it. With Pinterest, I’d just pin any image I liked, and I didn’t take the time to go back through them, and there were thousands of them, and it was just overwhelming. Now I deliberately decide why I want to save an idea or image, and I pull the link into my Evernote with any notes or ideas in it. It forces me to really think about how I consume and hoard information. Anyway. Links and bits.

Have a great week, everyone!

3 responses to “snacks and bits”

  1. Holy Smokes! Those look AMAZING. Tell me how you got the honey or grapes in there.

    And I agree with you on Pinterest. I don’t pin a ton, but I really only go back to look for recipes. I do use it for that a ton though… so I still think it’s useful. But I haven’t fully looked into the ownership deal… I just pin to the original blog source anyways. Hope that’s not a bad thing! 🙂

    Going to look through all your links now. ALSO… just remembered… one of your books was in an auction package this weekend with a home delivery of local veggies plus an awesome cutting board. It went for over it’s value which is rare… and I was standing there awhile and saw many people flipping through your book! They were really digging through it. Very fun. 🙂

    1. Liz, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing, it makes me feel happy inside. 🙂

      As for the goat cheese balls, I followed this and this. Except I froze the honey for maybe half an hour before starting, so it would be easier. 🙂

  2. That Tron dance… amazing.

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