On hospitality

Today I’m thinking about home and hospitality. See that beautiful spread of food? That’s what my friend Kate offered me and a friend when we stopped by for a chat. I love this photo so much – Kate subscribes to the Everlasting Meal way of cooking (with economy and grace), and she is my hero for it. She made those crackers. She threw together that pizza. Sliced grapefruit for us. Made that delicious dip from the cores and ends of her fresh produce. I felt so welcomed and nourished and loved.

Likewise, a few nights ago we spent the evening (and into the wee hours) chatting with Aimee and her lovely beau J at their place. J served us gougeres and crostini with goat cheese and honey and made us cocktails throughout the night. And sometime after 2am, when I was tipsy and hungry and tired, he waltzed into the kitchen and came back with a platter of crackers and cheese and salami.

There is just something about hospitality that makes me happy in my heart. I love to have friends over in our tiny place, and offer them drinks and snacks and blankets and pajama pants as needed. I like to put out food without asking if guests are hungry, because they’re more likely to just snack as needed while we talk the night away. A tub of popcorn, some almonds and shards of dark chocolate, a bowl of chips. I like to offer a simple glass of water or sparkling water, or whip up a cocktail of their choice. It doesn’t need to be fancy – I just know that when someone does this for me I feel great.

Something I also want to remember is how important it is to do these things for myself and Justin. When I’m cooking dinner, and I’m hungry and tired, I want to remember to set out a bit of cheese and pour myself a glass of wine. When Justin is up working late, I want to remember to bring him a cookie and some kisses. Even now, as I write this, it’s 4:03pm and I’ve eaten nothing all day, mostly because it seems such a hassle to prepare something for myself. I would never treat a guest this way – I would make sure they’re fed and happy, and I want to remember to do that for myself.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to fix myself a lovely afternoon snack. Maybe smashed avocado on toast. Maybe some bread with cheese. Maybe a banana-peanut butter smoothie. Maybe a pot of tea and some graham crackers with Nutella. I will have it on a nice plate, or in my favorite glass, and I will treat myself as my guest.

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  1. I’ve just started looking for a house and it’s not easy for me because I’ve never before imagined what a house for me would look like, how big it would be, how big the kitchen would be, etc.

    And then I saw this model home with this gorgeous kitchen and suddenly thought of all the fun I could have with putting a shindig together for my friends. Thinking of my would be house as not just ‘my’ house, but as a place I can invite people to hang out and socialize is sort of revolutionary for me as I’ve always been a tiny, one bedroom apartment, sort of girl.

    So I find this post inspiring and it makes me thoughtful about my future options. Thanks for highlighting the fanta-bulousness of Hospitality. It really is an art and a privilege when you can share it with the right people.

    1. I’m so glad that this was inspiring. It’s a topic near and dear to my heart. 🙂 And good luck with house hunting!!

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