Saturday 6/11

Today I documented my day in photos. I started the day with a trip to the SFC Farmers’ Market at Sunset Valley.

I did not get a cappucello, but I did get an iced mocha. Yay Casa Brasil! (Aren’t those bags lovely? ;))

I brought home these goodies. Roux wanted an okra (see his little paw?)

I had canned soup, and Justin had iced coffee; he told me all about the documentaries he watched in the wee hours last night while I slept.

Roux thought about it.

Little meowed about it.

I played Patsy Cline on the record player.

And I printed wrapping paper and wrapped presents. Tomorrow is Astrid’s first birthday party.

I needed a snack, so I had Cheerios with blueberries and soymilk.

I cut my leg somehow. I have no idea how, I just found it cut and bloody, so I cleaned it and added a Hello Kitty bandage (which makes everything better).

Dinner prep required a beverage: this is a gin rickey.

I chopped potatoes.

And blistered shishito peppers from the farmers’ market.

We had cabbage with white beans, plus blistered shishitos, ripe tomatoes with salt and pepper, and a blueberry smash (blueberries, lime, simple syrup, gin and seltzer).

Roux was cute.

Evening called for a glass of bubbly.

And we got to work making Casa Brasil bags.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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