On the east side


So we have a studio space on the east side now! We LOVE it. It’s hard to believe we somehow both worked from our tiny apartment for so long. (By the way, this isn’t a photo of the space, just a cool east side warehouse) 🙂

We share a huge, beautiful house with a few other lovely freelancers. We have a large room with a little patio and lots of windows, and now we have two big desks and shelves and a reading chair and SO MUCH SPACE. I had no idea that I was so cramped on my little home desk – now I spread everything out and it’s so much easier to get things done.

We’re starting to explore the east side a bit more, too. We’ve tried El Sapo (just snacks and drinks, though I’m interested in trying their burger), Haymaker (good for watching sports and eating pretzel bites and poutine), Dai Due (yummy gumbo), and Sawyer & Co. (we had a bad experience all around). It’s a lovely neighborhood for taking walks, and saying hello to people on the street, and enjoying the cool breeze.

Because fall is here! Today the high is 81 degrees F, which is just fine by me. Tomorrow it should get a bit chilly, so I have big plans for scarves and boots and hot cocoa.


Last night I baked up a sweet potato cake. I found a simple recipe for carrot cake, and I figured that carrot cake is just cake with shredded orange vegetable in it, so why not use shredded sweet potato? Success. It will be perfect with a cup of tea. I got the recipe from Short & Sweet by Dan Lepard. I stopped at BookPeople to buy another little book (I’ll tell you about that one soon), and came home with this one, too. It has so many simple and lovely recipes for cakes, cookies, pies, etc. I think I’ll be baking from it a lot. I’m super excited for his new book to be released, too. I somehow always fall in love with the writing and recipes from British writers! Ahem, Nigel Slater.

So I’m off to the studio to get some work done. Peace out.

3 responses to “On the east side”

  1. It’s so good to hear your voice again. Mazel on the studio space — how I long for space! Stupid tiny New York apartments. I also wish I were there to eat your delicious-looking nummers. And by that, I mean food.
    XO, E

    1. Thank you! Aren’t you coming soon? Get over here.

  2. Congrats on the office space! I want to visit and go for an east side walk/snacking drinking exploring adventure one day!!

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