What if I just randomly started blogging again? Let’s see what happens.

I think I’ve been in a funk for a very long time. And the world is so full of beautiful blogs, I’ve thought that mine is just not up to par.

But after all, this is my space, it’s not an advertising space or a competitive space or an internationally known space or a how-to space or food-only space or an arty space. It’s just my space. I looked back today on October posts over the last NINE years and it was fascinating to see how I have changed. Why not keep going?

So who am I now? How do I spend my time? What do I eat?

I am a business partner. I am a consultant. I am an event planner and website builder and photographer and writer. I work at a shared studio space with my love, I read books, I wish for turning leaves and rainy days. I wear all black, I pickle vegetables, I eat at restaurants. I am 36, but I don’t feel 36. I am happily married, I am loved, I am here.

That seems like a good place to re-start.

3 responses to “Hi.”

  1. hello~!
    my name is suk from south korea.
    i enjoy read your blog and getting good information.
    These day you didn’t writtting.
    so i worried about you.
    Today, i was relieved after reading your blog.
    you got ovet everything!!
    And you shouldn’t forget me supporting you always.
    Good luck!!!
    Lastly, i dont you name haha
    poco?? or cocoa??

    1. Hi Suk! Thanks so much for sticking around. I’m so glad to know you’re reading! Also, my name is Crystal. 😉 xo

  2. Me too! i’m so glad to know you! hahaha!
    your name is the same as the movie actor ~lol
    my name suk is like the most country in korea lol
    but i love so much my name and your name ^^
    my hobby is cooking and travel.!
    you know? i am a follower your instagram. hahahaha
    my ID is sonsuk89.
    anyway, let’s keep in touch ~^^

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