NYC Loot

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday!

We brought a LOT of stuff back from NYC. I wanted to keep track of it somehow – but I’m still missing a few things! I know Justin bought a couple of books, and some shoes, and… probably other things.

Of course I had to get a ceramic coffee cup after seeing the paper versions everywhere. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while, actually – F&D serves their coffee in these (not ceramic), and I love them.

I also found some teacups that were just too cute not to bring home.

A visit to Kinokuniya resulted in this Japanese goodness. (Six Oishinbos! Now I’m just missing the Vegetables book. So excited.)

A stop at Kitchen Arts & Letters meant I had to bring these goodies home. I spoke with the owner for a while about Edna Lewis, and all her wonder, and so had to get her book. And this menu design book? It’s eye candy for a menu freak like me. I also picked up a couple of the new Penguin food books, and an egg zine.

We stopped at a pop-up artist market in Chelsea Market and found artist Hélène Pé, and we fell in love with her cat-themed art. Hélène herself is so charming. We had to get the block on the left, because it’s exactly like Roux and Little – he’s always bullying her around, and she just kind of takes it. Hélène says the cat in the middle may look like he’s watching the sunset, but he’s actually just texting. And she says the cat on the right is traveling from Europe to America, but always keeps his eye on Europe. Too cute.

At the same market, we found HaKNiK, and I fell in love with her leather art. I had to buy this necklace – and I immediately received compliments on it by strangers in NYC! So I think it was a great purchase. 🙂

People, this is not the full amount of chocolate we purchased at Mast Brothers. Just FYI.

I also picked up a mishmash of spoons from Muji and Pearl River Mart. So pretty!

Of course I had to buy more journals – a girl can never have enough journals! On the left is a recipe Moleskine (with tabs! and stuff!), in the middle is a simple journal from Muji, and on the left is a tiny book of pay stubs.

I picked up this adorable tote at Brooklyn Art Library. Zomg, this shop was insanely cool. We spent forever in there, poring over books and ephemera and pencils and loveliness, and gaping at the wall of artist’s sketchbooks. On the right is a spherical ice mold from Muji – we bought two, and can’t wait to try them out in our cocktails!

I loved these leopard print ear warmers that I found in Chinatown, and these sweet kung fu shoes from Pearl River Mart.

I also picked up some super cute tights, a pretty pink fan, a pink tissue holder, and these Donna Wilson circus arm warmers, which I decided to wear as leg warmers.

These are two of the garnishes that came in my piña colada at PKNY. CUTE!

And of course, piles and piles of ephemera.

Yay, loot! 🙂

2 responses to “NYC Loot”

  1. AHHHHH I LOVE IT ALL, especially the teacups and spoons! Want to become my personal shopper?

    Also, I’ve never tried Mast Brothers chocolate, but I *LOVE* that packaging! I might have to buy some just to save the packages.

    1. Sure! I do love shopping for things… 🙂

      I agree, the packaging on the chocolate is fantastic. I mean, the chocolate is great, too, but the wrapping! Beautiful.

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