Meet Mela

Sorry for the lack of posts in the past few days…what can I say? Sometimes I flake out.

This is my first softie, which I made using a pattern from my new Japanese craft book. I love the idea of making softies, and once I made her I just kept gazing at her and hugging her and positioning her all around the house. But then I kissed her goodbye and packaged her up…she was a gift for my mom.

I named her Mela (rhymes with Stella) after my mom…her name is Manuela, but when she was younger, her friends called her Mela for short. Isn’t that cute? Anyway, I’d like to make some more softies, but this one has taught me that if I’m not just full of patience, I’d better not start it…so many little pieces! And trying to get all that stuffing in those teeny little arms and legs!

I also wanted to show off this necklace that my sister made for me…she crocheted it! Can you believe it? It’s soooooo cool. She sent it to me a while back, but I kept forgetting to post it.

And finally, a little request. I made this little paper wallet a while back, nothing fancy, but I ended up not wanting it.

Anyone out there need a paper wallet? As Leya and Kickpleat will tell you, I like to send little notes and things to friends across the country…and I’d be happy to send this little wallet and some occasional notes to someone out there who’ll enjoy receiving them. If you’re interested, email me at (If there are more than just one of you, that’s cool, too…you just might not get this lovely little paper wallet.) 🙂

The wallet is being sent away to a lovely lady…thanks for your interest!

Happy Thursday!

6 responses to “Meet Mela”

  1. She is adorable! The wallet is cute too! Can’t wait until next week!

  2. I Love my mela doll, but had to fight loli for it. She thought it was her toy. Thank you ! oh yea loli is my dog! Love you.

  3. Mela is so cute!

  4. What wonderful creations! I love the doll, so cute.

  5. Mela is absolutely adorable! The necklace is amazing…wow!

  6. Mela is adorable! Nice work. And I love the necklace & paper wallet. 🙂

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