It’s thundering outside, and it reminds me…remember when I was little, and I was so scared of the thunder and lightning that I would sleep underneath my bed? Remember that?

Remember when we went to Lubbock by ourselves and we ate lunch together at Applebee’s, and we ordered dessert? Remember when you would rinse my serving of menudo through a strainer because I thought it was too spicy?

Remember when I’d spend forever in the cereal aisle trying to decide which one to get? Remember how I’d claim the unused frosting before you even opened the container? Remember when I cut my hair for the first time and I cried all night? Remember when I rolled off the top bunk and you rubbed my back all night long?

Remember when I was sick and you’d bring me 7-Up and chicken noodle soup? Remember when you’d bake my birthday cakes and decorate them yourself? Remember when I fell and bruised my chin the day before my First Communion and you let me wear makeup to cover it up?

Remember my first year in college when you’d send me sugar cookies for Halloween? Remember when you gave me the bracelet you’d had forever? Remember on my wedding day when we waited in that little room until they told us it was time?

Remember that? Remember?

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

6 responses to “Remember?”

  1. so, so sweet!

  2. I remember like it was yesterday! I sure miss those days! love you.

  3. I yember a little voice singing Randy Travis songs in the back of a red car while we were on the road to Amarillo one day and pulling over the side of the road for some reason and an 18 wheeler’s wind catching the door and bending the fender with it…….what a beautiful little voice! Love, Dad

  4. Very nice post!!
    And I still sometimes spent a lot of time at the cereal aisle!! hehehe!!!

  5. just beautiful–thank you so much for sharing your lovely mother and life with us. both of your are so lucky to have one another!!! thanks for the heart smile…

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