In my stocking

Justin and I never give each other holiday gifts. We find it too stressful to find “that perfect thing” for each other, and we would rather give each other presents on random days throughout the year. But this year, I was unpacking our Christmas lights and found our stockings – so we hung them up and decided to fill them with random small things. I filled his with a peanut patty, a magnet, and a package of cotton candy. He filled mine with a jar of used matchbooks, food erasers, and our hide-a-bat*. It’s so lovely to be known so well – to be loved by someone who knows all the reasons why a jar of used matchbooks would make me so happy.

*Hide-a-bat is a game we play where we take turns hiding this bat from each other. I have found it on the roll of toilet paper, in the back pocket of my jeans, in my jewelry box. He has found it in his shoe, in his toiletry drawer, in his box of pop-tarts. It’s my turn to hide it again. 🙂

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