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Lately juice is my thang. Especially green juice. It’s such an easy way to get in veggies I probably would not get around to eating.


I usually make one for me and one for Justin. Sometimes he’ll add jalapeño to his, because he’s loco like that. Sometimes I’ll add carrot, but then it’s brown juice, which is less appetizing. Sometimes I’ll add beets, but then I have to remember that beets affect your, erm, digestion a bit. (Don’t worry, you’re not hemorrhaging! Love you, L!)

In other news, Justin and I have initiated daily coffee sips. (Seriously, go to that link if you love NPR.) Basically, I’m a spoiled brat and Justin brings me a cup of coffee (with cream and sugar) to bed. He wakes me up, hands me hot coffee, and I sit up and we have coffee sips while we chat about life. When our cups our empty, we start the day. Or, rather, I start the day, because he’s already been up and fed the kitties and washed the dishes and probably scooped the litter. Like I said, I’m a spoiled brat. Anyway, should any of you have a spouse as amazing as mine, I highly recommend you institute coffee sips immediately.

I am completely overwhelmed with things I want to cook and eat. Like buckwheat pancakes. And pupusas. And happy crackers. And strawberry fennel ice cream. And ginger citrus soba. Somehow instead, we’re just eating random cooked vegetables with random pieces of bread or pasta or tortillas.

So I read Hemlock Grove, and it’s creepy and disturbing and fascinating. There are a lot of holes, which I think opens it up for sequels. I’m interested in the show, but I’m keeping my expectations low. However, I suddenly now am interested in the horror genre for the first time in like, EVER. We watched Cabin in the Woods, and I thought it was fantastic, and now I’m watching season one of American Horror Story and can’t stop. (Jessica Lange, I love you!) Very weird. It has given me some great Halloween costume ideas, though.

So yeah, April?! Already. Happy April, everyone.

3 responses to “Green stuff, fun stuff, weird stuff”

  1. I loooooooved American Horror Story and Cabin in the Woods!

    Excited to check out your coffee sips link later. I love NPR and Reggie Watts!

    1. I just finished Season 1 and reallllly can’t wait to see Season 2!

  2. Hilarious…..I will never live down the beet ER visit. 🙂

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