Birthday weekend

I had such a wonderful birthday weekend! I didn’t take my camera with me to the restaurants we visited – I haven’t felt like photographing restaurant food as much lately.

On Thursday, I had a sandwich with carrots and tomatoes and pickles.


We had a meeting later, and I was stressed out (it was one of those days), so my friend Jodi poured me a GIANT glass of wine. It was much appreciated.


On Thursday night, we went to F&D for dinner. We ate :: salad of boquerones and citrus with black butter :: crispy beef tongue :: goat cheese toast with candied lime, honey and toasted garlic :: carrot soup with pickled carrots, fennel and coriander :: prime NY strip steak with peanuts, fermented bok choy, lentils and garlic :: roasted Irish ocean trout with sauer fennel, sprouted legumes, warm cereal and vermouth broth :: braised tripe and grits with soft egg, tomato sauce and crisp bread :: coconut cake with blood orange sorbet, basil caramel and pistachios :: chocolate mousse with banana custard, mocha ice and peanut butter.

Yes, it was amazing. Yes, Ned sent out 800 dishes. Yes, we ate most of it. 🙂 (Thank you, Ned!)

On Friday morning I had a waffle stack with bananas, strawberries, and syrup.


And for dinner we went for a city walk with Aimee and Josh on South First. We ate:

Sway: prawn miange with betel leaf, toasted coconut, toasted cashews, fresno chile and grapefruit :: lo-pea jay – vegetable spring roll, avocado, carrot, vermicelli noodle, rice paper, tomato vinegar :: chicken wings with chili tamarind caramel, fish sauce, ginger and Thai basil :: satay of charcoal grilled pork, shrimp and tofu with kewpie mayo and red chile peanut sauce :: shu mai with crab, shrimp, cuttlefish, trout roe, white soy and cucumber vinegar :: birthday cake-flavored ice cream (thank you, Justin!).

Lenoir: I wish I could remember. We sat in the back patio and sipped punch and wine out of fantastic little glasses, and snacked on bread and spreads, beet salad, baklava, and birthday cake (thank you, Jessica!). That patio is so lovely.

Polvo’s: Margaritas and queso. At this point in the evening there was no turning back.

We went over to Aimee & Josh’s place and talked and laughed and played with their lovely dog, Sydney.

On Saturday, Justin woke me up with a birthday brunch! Migas (made with the most amazing bright yellow eggs from Milagro Farm), fried potatoes, adzuki beans, tortilla, and strawberries. I’m so spoiled.


On Saturday night, we had dinner with the sixlet (as we refer to ourselves – me, Justin, Rachel, Logan, Erin & Nat) at Justine’s – it was also my friend Logan’s birthday! He’s one year younger than me, so let’s not talk about it. We ate: marinated cobia with roasted tomato, fennel and spring onion :: escargots with parsley butter sauce :: steamed artichokes with drawn butter and aioli :: charcuterie :: steak tartare with a raw egg on top :: steak frites with buerre maitre d’ :: pork chop with thyme reduction and potatoes au gratin :: grilled arctic char with oyster and hen of the woods mushrooms, snap peas, dill and clam butter :: strawberry sorbet with roasted strawberries, basil seeds and mint :: chocolate ice cream with date cake, coconut and hazelnuts (thank you, Casey!).

And today we just lazed around at home, cooked up some veggies for the week, did laundry, and read books. I’m reading Hemlock Grove in preparation for the Netflix series that’s coming out in a week or two. So far it’s great. ANYWAY. That was my weekend in excruciating detail. Yay for being born!

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  1. YAY BIRTHDAYS! Thank you so much for including us in your birthday weekend.

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