Thanksgiving in Louisiana

We had a wonderful time in Louisiana! Here’s a quick run-down of our holiday:


Got up early and drove to Mandeville, LA, where Logan’s family lives. Stopped for kolaches at Kountry Bakery in Schulenberg, TX. Stopped for boudin, boudin balls, and yam sticks at The Sausage Link in Sulphur, LA. Stopped for more boudin, andouille, jerky and cracklins at The Best Stop in Scott, LA. Arrived in Mandeville and proceeded to shuck and eat about 200 oysters, some raw, some grilled, some Rockefeller. Drank too much wine.


Reluctantly got out of bed and headed to the casa for biscuits with sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, and mayhaw and elderberry jams. Commenced Thanksgiving meal cooking. Cooked all day. Ate cheese ball, spiced nuts, turkey, dressing, giblet gravy, cranberry sauce, kale and walnuts, parsnips, corn pudding, pumpkin pie, rum cake, bread pudding… Looked through Logan’s mom’s old recipe card box, and fell in love with it. Made a plan to somehow steal it, with all its faded recipes and notes. Ate snacks of leftovers. Took a walk around the neighborhood.


Up semi-early, and headed over to the casa for Logan’s dad’s blueberry cats head biscuits. No cats involved. Shopped at UAL (United Apparel Liquidators). Stopped at Bear’s to pick up po’boys to share: oyster, shrimp, and french fries with debris. Ate way too much po’boys and leftovers. Toured the waterfront, took silly pictures in a tree. Ate more leftovers. Learned to play Mexican Train dominoes, and proceeded to lose fantastically.


Up early to say goodbyes to family and drive across Lake Pontchartrain on the causeway to Metairie. Had perfectly light and fluffy beignets and cafe au lait at Morning Call. Drove to Magazine Street and walked along, browsing in all the shops. Found a great handmade headband at a great shop with all handmade goods. Coveted a vintage lion necklace. Stopped at Sucre to buy macarons and truffles. Drove over to Cochon Butcher for lunch. Allowed Logan to order everything on the menu. Proceeded to eat everything on the menu. Fell in love with Cochon Butcher, and decided to try to convince Jesse Griffith to open his own shop. Drove to our awesome hotel and checked in. Listened to flute/piano in the lobby while gazing at the huge Christmas tree. Walked through the French Quarter, stopping to try on fabulous shoes that didn’t fit well. Met up with friends at Napoleon House for Sazeracs and Pimm’s Cups. Walked around the French Quarter a bit more. Saw the square, full of tarot readers and street performers. Walked down Bourbon Street. Marveled at strip clubs and walk-up bars and daquiri parlors. Stopped at Pat O’Brien’s to have a traditional hurricane. Walked down Bourbon Street some more, picking up a daquiri to-go just to try it out. Made an icky face at how bad it tasted. Stopped at the Swizzle Stick Bar for amazing cocktails and delicious appetizers. Stopped at the hotel to change. Walked to Cafe Amelie to see a bartender friend and drink cocktails. Walked to Green Goddess for dinner. Became enamored of the place, the food, the chef. Ate an impressive amount of food. Walked to another friend’s bar to chat. Decided midnight was my bedtime, and walked back to the hotel to sleep.


Up a bit late. I felt great, though my pals were a bit… delicate. Checked out of the hotel and headed to Cafe du Monde for beignets and cafe au lait. Decided I liked the beignets at Morning Call better. Marveled at the service system at Cafe du Monde, and how much the staff seems to hate each other and their jobs. Stopped by the riverfront for photos. Drove to Baton Rouge through three hours of traffic (it should have only taken one hour). Stopped at Logan’s brother’s house to check out his renovations. Decided to never live through a hurricane and have a tree fall on my house, because renovating it afterward is too difficult. Stopped at George’s for po’boys. Shared roast beef and oyster po’boys and fries. Drank sweet tea that tasted like sugar water. Drove to Lafayette and faced more traffic. Drove and drove and drove. And drove. Finally made it home. Collapsed in bed. Woke up with a start and realized that I forgot to steal Logan’s mom’s recipe box. Vowed to steal it next time.

Highlights of the trip:

  • Green Goddess. So, so good.
  • Oysterfest at Logan’s family’s house.
  • Southern hospitality.
  • Mexican Train dominoes.
  • Cochon Butcher.
  • Morning Call beignets.
  • Boudin at The Sausage Link in Sulphur, LA.
  • Still liking my friends after the trip was over.

Here are some photos from our trip! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.

5 responses to “Thanksgiving in Louisiana”

  1. Dood! Serious roundup! I know I’m going to be referring to this when I start getting my posts up. What a trip! We had so much fun with you guys.

  2. What a great time – I am envious of all of your eats. I wonder if it’s the same Pat O’Briens I had in San Antonio? At any rate, I also thought the hurricane was a little weaksauce in the flavor department.

  3. Isn’t Cochon Butcher just the best…..

  4. Rachel, we had a blast! Albany Jane, it is the same Pat O’Briens… there’s also one in Cancun, oddly enough. CFG, yes, I’m dreaming of Cochon Butcher’s mac and cheese… 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing your time with us in Mandeville! We had a great time, and look forward to future visits from you (Crystal) and Justin. Soooooo much to do down here, and the food ain’t too bad either!

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