Sandwich love

Lately I’ve been in love with sandwiches. Possibly because they’re so quick and easy to make…but they also are like a blank canvas for textures and flavors, so they’re fun to work with.

This one is made with multi-grain bread from Whole Foods spread with a bit of mayo, then topped with sliced ham, bits of Cabot garlic-herb cheddar, tomato slices, avocado pieces, and field greens, all lightly drizzled with balsamic vinegar. It’s the sandwich of sandwiches! You can’t go wrong with avocados and balsamic, in my opinion.

I’m interested in expanding my sandwich repertoire, though. We sometimes do egg salad, either plain or with a sprinkle of curry powder, sometimes with tiny bites of celery mixed in. Justin likes bolillos, split open, topped with Colby-jack cheese and toasted, then finished off with diced tomato and avocado.

I used to make Justin a ciabatta sandwich with homemade olive paste, fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, and arugula, but we haven’t done that in a while.

I’m thinking that this week I might try something funky between my slices of bread. And what’s funky to me may not be funky to you…maybe slices of colby-jack and slices of granny smith apple? Would that be too dry? Or maybe a deconstructed egg salad, with slices of hard boiled eggs, a thin layer of mayo, and sliced tomatoes? What about peanut butter and jelly? Aside from adding sliced bananas, how else can I spruce that up?

I’ll be researching some sandwich ideas online tonight, but if you all have any fun ideas, please share them!

6 responses to “Sandwich love”

  1. i am currently planning on figuring out some kind of veg variation on this sandwich! i think it sounds divine.

    apple and cheese sandwiches are great. excellent summer meal for sure.

  2. wow, great sandwiches! you should try them all. but there was a great place in cleveland that made fun sandwiches… grilled cheese with natural peanut butter. that was good. or all sorts of combinations of hummus and falfafel and baba ganouj. and i’m with robina, that vegetarian version of the sandwich she showed would be awesome

  3. I love peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwiches. Or hummus with roasted, grilled, or fresh veggies! Tofu sandwiches are also tasty..with a balsamic drizzle and veggies! The choices are endless!!

  4. My, oh my do those sound good! Fried egg oozing all over a sandwich? Holy moly.

  5. Did you have to say “oozing” all over?? Love ya. 😉

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