A few things

I’m in the middle of a transition at work that is gobbling up all my energy, but I wanted to let you know a few things:

1. My niece, Sophia, has lost her two front teeth.

2. My other niece, Bella, likes to growl at the camera.

3. Zocalo Cafe just opened a block from our house, and between it and Galaxy Cafe, I’m not sure I’ll ever cook again. Both places feel like home, we know the managers, the food is great, and they’re both so darn close to us.

4. It’s getting hot here in Austin.

5. Wasp stings hurt. A lot. And then they itch. A lot.

2 responses to “A few things”

  1. 🙂 Fun pics! I want to jump in the river again soon. 🙂

  2. You have an awesome blog and I’ve enjoyed my first visit. I really have enjoyed your “simple” recipes . . . just my kind of food. 🙂

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