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I’m smack-dab in the middle of a cereal phase. Don’t feel like making lunch? Cereal. Afternoon snack? Cereal. Hungry late at night? Cereal. And at the moment, it’s all about Frosted Shredded Wheat. Kellogg’s brand, please.

My dad used to eat these all the time when I was little, and he called them “pillows.” As in, “I think I’ll have some pillows.” We had weird names for all kinds of things…my mom used to eat this snack she called a “mess”…it was Nilla wafers, crushed in a coffee cup, and topped with milk. It got all soggy…ew.

Anyway, the cereal. I’m a kind of a picky eater. Not picky like, “I don’t like tomatoes” or “I don’t like the crust,” but I actually pick through my food. Justin will sometimes just watch me eat as entertainment. I’m selective…I find the perfect bite, just enough food, just the right mixture of ingredients, just the right flavors. As you can see in the photo above, I do the same thing with my cereal. I actually stick my hand into the box and pull out the frostiest pieces (no broken ones, please) and lay them in the bowl, frosting-side up. Occasionally I throw in a lightly-frosted one, just to get rid of them, but I’ll eat them first and I won’t be too happy about it. Once I pour the soymilk in, I scoop out the bottom pieces first, since they’ve been in the liquid longest (even if it’s just by a few seconds), and work my way up, so that all the bites are as crunchy as they can be. I’m a little weird like that.

I like sharing these random bits of nonsense. I might do this more often. 🙂

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  1. We used to eat those allot when we were kids too (a dad thing i suppose). The only habit I had when eating those were that I would always flip the bisquit suger side down in my mouth with my toungue. It provided the most “suger-hit” and I loved it. Gah… its been ages since I’ve had those… Crys… you are making me hungry for creareal!! (in a cup of course! hahah)

  2. heh. i’ve been eating oatmeal for a while, but i used to have the frosted minis, and i always wanted them slightly soggy. go figure…

  3. I’m the same way with cereal. I always eat the parts that are in the milk the longest first. It’s a textural thing I guess. And I’m the same way with oatmeal. Plain oatmeal must always be eaten with milk and sugar (not mixed together, of course), and if I eat all the sugar-covered bites and the milk runs out, I must add more back into my bowl in order to finish it.

  4. Joey, I knew you’d want it in a cup! Bearette, soggy cereal makes me sad. 😉 Meg, I haven’t tried oatmeal that way! I always mix in the sugar and milk. But your way sounds a lot yummier…every bite with a crunch of sweetness. I’ll try that next time!

  5. No, it’s ‘Random Lots-of-Sense’; look how many of us do the same stuff! I love how you stack them like you’re making a pattern, too….crafts with food?

  6. we’ve been on a frosted mini wheats kick, too. Can you believe I eat them sans milk? I dispise soggy cereal- so no cereal gets milk. The box I bought seems to have been extra sugary, too. I drink the milk in a glass and eat the little minis. ahh, sugar high!

    ps. i give the sparsely sugared ones to the kids. someone has to eat them, right! LOL

  7. I love cereal too! My favorite (right now) is Special K with Strawberries, not that I’m trying to be healthy or anything, I just really like it. I like to let mine get a little soggy though. I know, I’m weird, I don’t anyone else who likes soggy cereal.

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