I made a skirt!

Yesterday my creative juices started flowing in the late afternoon. I had bought lots of fun fabric recently, but being the saver that I am, I was too scared to cut into it. (I was afraid I’d just waste it or mess it up.) In the past few days, I’ve been wanting to take more risks, even small ones like cutting up fabric. So I grabbed my favorite from the stack and set to work making a skirt.

I used one of my favorite skirts as a guide, cutting around the basic shape of it. The fabric is a regular cotton blend, so I added a swatch of chocolate stretchy fabric at the top to make a fitted waistband…no zipper required. I just kind of winged it…no pattern, no real plan…and it worked out surprisingly well. It’s nice to sew clothes for yourself, because you can just keep adjusting things until they fit perfectly. I just kept pinning and sewing, taking a little more in here or there, until the skirt fit nicely. I’m so proud of it…now if it would just warm up so I can wear it!

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  1. This is fabulous! I’ve never learned to sew but just looking at your fantastically on-a-whim skirt makes me what to figure it all out!

  2. What a cute skirt! I love the material. I need to learn to make skirts because it is definitely more comfortable to wear skirts throughout the summer in the desert heat. You’ve inspired me!

  3. wow, looks awesome.

  4. That is so nice! The fabric is lovely and that waistband made the skirt fab! I have never ever sewed a thing, I don’t have any knowledge about it so I feel I don’t have a crafty talent.

  5. Gorgeous! What’s that designer show on Bravo? Think big!!

  6. I’m inspired as well —
    I want to make skirts but hate the zipper part.
    This would appear to be the perfect solution…
    what kind of stretchy fabric?

  7. OH I LOVE IT!! You are getting so crafty! It looks fabulous! Love you!

  8. Oh my, you make me proud! I LOVE that skirt. It looks great! Love you.

  9. oooh, great fabric! and a great skirt. good going! i tried that last year…just winging it and using one of my own skirts as a template and it didn’t turn out at all. you must have more patience than me!

  10. Wow…thanks, everyone! I’m glad everyone’s inspired to hang out with their sewing machines. Jill, I much prefer to wear skirts instead of shorts in the summer, so I’m always looking for new ones. Isil, you have tons of creative talent in the kitchen…I’m sure it’s elsewhere, too!

    The blue fabric is from Hobby Lobby, and the brown is a polyester interlock from Hancock Fabrics (I just went in and asked for “stretchy t-shirty fabric”). They also have a cotton interlock, which is just like t-shirt material, but it’s more expensive and they didn’t have it in chocolate. I like the silkiness of the polyester anyway. 🙂

  11. I love it! I’m with you on the skirts. The summers are so long here and you can have so much more fun and varity with skirts.

  12. Wow! I am very impressed. So pretty!

  13. I love the style of this skirt plus the fabric is great! Very good taste.

  14. Wow! Your skirt looks awesome, I love the way it looks and the fabric is very pretty!! Nice job!!

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