A typical Austin weekend

photo by justin

Whew! We tired ourselves out this weekend, traveling anywhere our little feet would take us. Our weekend really started Thursday night, with a dinner on our tiny patio with Chad and Lindsay. I made Portobello Mushroom Fajitas (from Cooking Light’s January 2005 issue) with cilantro black beans and whole-wheat tortillas. Lindsay brought an apple crisp made with oatmeal and Cabot cheddar cheese that was stellar.

Friday evening Chad and Justin took a bike ride while Lindsay and I cooked dinner, a fava bean stew, steamed vegetables, and multi-grain bread from Central Market. Afterward, we took a leisurely stroll through their neighborhood, stopping to marvel at an entire skate park set up in a neighbor’s backyard.

Saturday morning started with a walk to the downtown farmer’s market, where we met up with Andy (pictured above, with the awesome beard), and bought a baguette from Texas French Bread and some artisan string cheese. We walked back to our place, and I set off for a baby shower at Leti’s (see previous post for a full review) while Justin hiked the Barton Creek greenbelt and went for a swim at Sculpture Falls with Chad, Lindsay, and Andy.

Sunday morning we were up early to drive out to Rocky Hill Ranch, where the boys set off on a mountain bike trail, and Lindsay and I hiked through the pines. Then it was back to Austin for a walk to the Zilker Kite Festival, where there were hundreds of kites floating in the sky (and a few diving dangerously). We walked through the Town Lake trail back up to 6th Street for a stop at Amy’s Ice Cream (for you foodies out there, I had dark chocolate ice cream with Kit Kats, Justin had “The Rico”, which was Mexican vanilla ice cream with graham crackers, strawberries, and cinnamon, Lindsay had Mexican vanilla frozen yogurt with strawberries, and Chad tried the Grasshoppa flavor). It’s been a long, wonderful, sun-drenched weekend (and I have sunburned shoulders to prove it).

Hope yours was full of sun, too!

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