A possible new habit?

Tonight Justin and I got home from work at about the same time. We changed into shorts (80 degrees today!) and walked to Whole Foods to pick up a few things for dinner, and fruit for snacking tomorrow. We walked back home and made dinner together. I’d love to do this every day… walk to the market after work to pick up dinner items, cook together, then relax. We’ll have gotten some exercise, we’ll most likely eat (or maybe just buy) more fruit, and we’ll have that time together to wind down and chat. In a dreamworld, we’d do this every day. For now, I’ll just shoot for doing it again sometime soon.

We made stir-fried bok choy, carrots and tofu with basmati rice for dinner. For snacks tomorrow, a perfect pear and some manchego cheese, and a ripe mango.

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  1. I’m SO jealous that you live within walking distance to Whole Foods!!

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