Jamaica, mon.

I just got my film from Jamaica processed… oh, how I love film. It teaches me to be patient, and to be accepting of imperfection. My first reaction is, “Awww, that photo didn’t work!” But then I take a second look, and I love the graininess, the lack of focus, the double exposure. It’s so real.

Anyway, feel free to browse through our photos! We had a wonderful time, doing absolutely nothing for a week. We stayed at the Sandals resort in Montego Bay, and while the food wasn’t great (for a foodie), everything else was wonderful. The staff was insanely nice, and remembered our names after the first introduction. It was a bit windy most days, and we didn’t get to snorkel because of it, but it was still warm and gorgeous and wonderful.

We met some great new friends from Toronto, too! We ended up having a lot in common and hung out together the whole week. I miss them already.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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