Category: Random Thoughts

  • When you’re old

    When you’re old, you might whine a little bit. You might complain that people don’t pay enough attention to you, or that the temperature is too cool, or that no one gave you water from the sink. You might yell when people are on the phone, or pout in a corner, or hide in the […]

  • And then there’s this.

    Some days, life seems like so much mud, and you’re sloshing through, trying to make progress, trying to move forward. It’s so hard, so tiring, so thick with doubt, and you feel like maybe you should just stop and become one with the mud. But some days, the sun sets just so, and the music […]

  • Seventeen

    Today was our 17th anniversary. 17! How are we possibly old enough to have been married 17 years? So we had a late lunch at one of our favorite places, and we talked about life, and we danced to this song in the living room. I’m a little scared of growing old, but if my […]

  • Captures #1

    After years of having a 16GB iPhone, I got a 128GB one last fall. How did I live without this much space?! I used to uninstall apps just so I could download updates. And I’d have to delete photos nonstop. Now I just keep everything on there, and take screen captures of random things, and […]

  • Just feelin’ it