When you’re old


When you’re old, you might whine a little bit. You might complain that people don’t pay enough attention to you, or that the temperature is too cool, or that no one gave you water from the sink.

You might yell when people are on the phone, or pout in a corner, or hide in the bathroom so everyone will leave you alone. You might need medicine for your arthritis, and for your indigestion, and you might eat special food for your kidneys. You might not be able to jump as high as you used to, or run very fast, or play for more than a few minutes without laying down.

Maybe you have a cardboard box that you curl up in during the day, or possibly some shoes that you can plop on, or maybe someone’s keyboard you can lay on. Maybe you get annoyed when someone coughs, or when another cat has the audacity to touch you, or when it’s 8:45AM and no one is watching you because they’re working.

Perhaps you just want to sleep all day, except for when you don’t, and perhaps you want everyone around you to know when you would like a hug, or a piece of cheese, or a lap. Perhaps you get angry and scratch on things, or swat at things, or pee on things.

Maybe the people around you wonder how you could have possibly gotten so old so fast, when just yesterday you were a kitten, so tiny and cute and young and agile. Maybe your aging makes them feel old, and maybe it makes them worry about losing you.

These things might happen when you’re old. Just FYI.

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