Category: Random Thoughts

  • Friends

    Friends are the best. Friends and margaritas and micheladas. From Elbert Hubbard: A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

  • Old things

    My dad would like this car. Sometimes I wonder if there’s anything new for me to say. Especially here, in this space, where I’ve been saying things for 10 years. How many times should I mention that I love the fall, or I love food, or I live in Austin, or I have a great […]

  • Weekends

    Weekends are for making biscuits and eggs and sausage, and for sitting on the couch watching football, and for sleeping late and baking treats and thinking about going to get groceries but never actually going to get groceries, and for finally resting after a very long week. Happy weekend, everybody!

  • Gelateria Gemelli

    Let’s not talk about how I actually cried because this place was out of chocolate gelato. Let’s talk about how good their chocolate gelato is. And an affogato made with Vietnamese iced coffee gelato. And a gin-prosecco-sorbet cocktail that is too easy to drink. Maybe I want my entire house to be decorated in black […]

  • Weekend Moments, June 8

    It’s been a very long time (years!) since I’ve done a weekend moments video. It’s just bits of the weekend, captured with my iPhone – going back through these old videos always makes me so happy. So I’m hoping to re-start this tradition! Highlights of this weekend: We visited Licha’s, which usually we love, but this […]