Corners of my home


This little corner of my kitchen makes me happy. Those are my favorite spoons, including that weird plastic one that reminds me of one my mom used to stir sugar into iced tea. That’s my beloved Vitamix base, which makes awesome smoothies, acai bowls, and liquados. There’s my little coffee cup, and a bunch of bananas that I won’t finish and then they’ll get too ripe and I’ll promise to bake something with them and then they’ll start to smell and Justin will throw them away. There are bars of chocolate from Los Angeles, and soft, local butter in the crock. There are jars of salts, a bowl of sugar cubes, and my old cake stand that never gets used for cakes. There’s that cord hanging down from the under-cabinet lights that Justin added for me, and it’s wrapped around that orange bowl that I painted at a pottery studio for a friend’s birthday years ago. There are the root vegetables, and the granola for smoothie bowls, and too many almonds, and that tiny jar with just one square of chocolate that I refuse to throw away. There’s the pretty vintage tea jar filled with Justin’s favorite peppermint tea, and the jar full of sugar that makes me think of an old diner.

It’s a lovely little corner.

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  1. I love every little bit of this!

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