Last night I was treated to a wonderful birthday dinner with my husband and a few of my close friends. After a scrumptious dinner at East Side Cafe (I gorged on the brie and chutney appetizer), we went to Chad and Lindsay’s home for a homemade, chocolatey yummy birthday cake prepared by (who else?) Leti. We decided not to put the full twenty-seven candles on the cake (for fire hazard reasons), which was good because I had a hard time blowing out the ones I had! They were sparkler candles, and were fun to watch, but it took the whole group’s effort to extinguish them. So I guess everyone helped in making my wish come true.

One of my birthday gifts from Justin was a lifetime supply of chocolate. Actually, it was a gift certificate to Dr. Chocolate, one of my favorite shops in Austin. I can already taste the dark chocolate with caramel, the chocolate covered strawberries, the chocolatey chocolicious chocolate…I think I’ll be making weekly visits to the shop from now on.

The other gift he gave me was my very own website for my blog…www.poco-cocoa.com! I will notify you once it’s all set up so you can update your links. I can’t wait until it’s mine, all mine!

So thanks to everyone for your thoughtful cards and emails and notes and phone calls and gifts. It was a wonderful birthday, and today is just as wonderful since I get to eat leftover chocolate cake for lunch and dinner and snacks. Mmmmmm….chocolate…..