Cafe Roux

During our recent spring-cleaning, I found some old frames that we were ready to get rid of. I decided to use one of them to personalize Roux’s dining area so he would feel more at home while eating his three little scoops of Science Diet a day.

I used sticker letters, a photo of us that I printed out on regular paper, and cat-themed stickers to fill the frame. I think it goes well with our yellow walls and green cabinets, and adds that extra bit of comfort to Roux’s meager rations. He’s on a strict diet of 3/4 cup dry food a day, due to his…er…hefty build. He actually lost some weight the last time he was at the vet’s office, down to 16.5 pounds from 17.1 pounds. He’s a big cat, and he never misses a meal. At least now his meals will be a little more interesting. (He hasn’t noticed the frame yet, but I know at dinner he will be swept away by the ambience.)