Happy birthday to me…

Just me, wishing myself a happy birthday. Today I’m 27. Much closer to 30 than 20. Getting a little scraggly around the edges, maybe some wrinkles? Last night I dreamt that I found a white hair on my head and said, “My first white hair! And on my birthday even!” I was not happy about it.

But now it’s daylight and I’m here in our little apartment thinking about getting older and still feeling young. I still feel like a kid most of the time. I mean, seriously, would a grown-up spend 30 minutes taking 50 photos of themselves just to post it on a blog?

One response to “Happy birthday to me…”

  1. Happy Birthday Crys!! Any plans this weekend? We’ve got some Disney Scene-It and some Mario Party calling your name! 😉 Hope you had a restfull fun b-day.