Sweet things

One of my coworkers and fellow breakfast-chefs, Grit, recently returned from her wedding/honeymoon in Europe. She’s from Germany, but visited Switzerland during her honeymoon, and brought back these lovelies for me…a cute, cute postcard (just look at that cow!) and smooth, dark chocolate. The chocolate is filled with ooey-gooey cherry sweetness, and has a hint of heat from chile extract. About all I can figure out from the package is that it’s bittersweet chocolate with a sour cherry-chile mousse. I think. And there’s 150 grams of it. It’s so, so good.

And just for fun, here’s a picture of my little family.

Tonight my friend Lindsay and I are attending a vegetarian Spanish cooking class at Central Market…I’m so excited! Lately I’ve been infatuated with Spain. I recently saw an episode of Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel (does anyone else out there love Samantha Brown? And her fabulous wardrobe?), and she visited Seville…I was entranced. Then I picked up A Year in the World by Frances Mayes at the library, and the first chapter? Is all about Spain. And a month or two ago I signed up for this cooking class, and lo and behold! It’s about Spain! We’ll get to watch the chef cook and then we’ll eat his lovely creations: Ensalada en Salsa Romesco; Patatas Bravas; Gazpacho Andaluz de Gonzalo Córdoba; Paella amb Verdures; and Crema Catalana. Full report tomorrow!

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  1. mmmm, paella……

    My SIL went to Spain last winter for semester abroad. She came back with a love of the food, which is amazing b/c she’s one of the most picky eaters out there.

    Saw that you’ve been watching Project Runway–I’m addicted to that show, too!!! I’m glad Keith got the boot. Now I’m waiting for Jeffrey to leave. That man is just too cocky for his own good, and the way he just needles at people! Gah!

  2. Have fun at your coking class, I bet it’ll be so fun! The cherry chocolate looks amazing!

  3. Oh! what lovely chocolate! And you’ll have to report back on that Frances Mayes book because long ago I read something of hers and liked it and am considering reading another. Have fun cooking up a storm.

  4. Sounds like a blast!! Have fun doing everything especially eating that chocolate!

  5. The cow is hilarious!

  6. Ya’ll are so cute! And I love that you are so adventurous. I am going to look into cooking classes at our Central Market! That sounds so fun.

  7. A gazillion years ago, I went to summer school in Salamanca. It was magic. I loved a little city called La Alberca–cobblestone streets and little old ladies in black sweeping with a handmade broom. An image straight back into time. There’s an ice cream stand every few feet there. Amazing stuff. I wasn’t into the paella, but I loved the tortillas (like a fritata). Ooh, this one looks good
    And of course the sangria….

    It’s not Spain, but have you read “1000 days in Venice” by Maria Di Blase? Excellent read.

  8. I LOVE samantha brown. i forgot about her until recently and am again addicted to her shows. i think she is funny and shows nice incite on the places she goes. wish i had that job! ive also read frances mayes book and i liked it. it was interesting the different places they visited. i think i will reread it often. ive havent ventured to spain yet but im ready!

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