I’m a junkie.

A bath junkie, that is. Yesterday I was wandering aimlessly, up to no good, when I found a bath junkie shop on Brodie Lane. Ohymyga. For people like me, who are crazy about smelly-good bath products, this place is like paradise. It’s a whole store full of empty bottles…for lotion, bubble bath, perfume, face wash, body wash, baby soap, you name it. After you’ve picked out your product, the most amazing thing happens: You are sent to the fragrance bar to create your own scent. I would guess there’s between 150 and 200 different scents…everything from Brown Sugar to Cool Water to Lemongrass to Ylang Ylang. You can mix and match whatever you want. There were some fun recipes you could use, such as Lavender and Chamomile for relaxation.

While I was there, mesmerized by the fragrance bar, a gal came in to create her own perfume. She chose a mix of Buttercream and Lettuce. Who knew? I decided on Bubbling Bath Crystals, and a scent that I named “Coconut Cupcake”…a mix of Coconut Dream and Buttercream. Yum. And if that’s not enough, you get to choose the color of your product as well. I chose cinnamon, and the crystals were a nice, natural brown. I’ve already used the crystals twice (I like baths!), and though I’m disappointed in the amount of bubbles I ended up with, I loved the scent and the crystals are really moisturizing.

Connie, the franchisee, is super-sweet, and so passionate about the products. She’s willing to chat it up about her favorite mixes, and lend a hand (literally–you get to try out these scents on your wrists) when needed. I think next time I’ll go for lotion of some sort, or possibly face wash, or maybe shower gel.

For those of you who MIGHT be interested, my birthday’s coming up. You can buy a “Fill-it-up” bag with an empty bottle for a product, and I can go in and choose my scents and color. You know, just in case you MIGHT be giving me a gift. (Please, husband, read this post.)

You can check out some of their products at their website.

bath junkie
560 Brodie Ln. Suite 950

3 responses to “I’m a junkie.”

  1. ooh, that sounds awesome! i’m a bath junkie….as our apartment doesn’t have a shower, so i’m always digging smelly-good bath products! when’s your birthday?

  2. I absolutely love that store–they have one near my house. Buttercream and lettuce, huh? I might have to sample that.

    My favorite is a mixture of Estee Lauder Pleasures and white musk. It is a heavenly scent. Try their liquid talc sometime, too.

  3. kickpleat, my birthday is March 30. Bdogg, I’ll write that down for my next visit (which might just be today)!

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