More of the same…

Those darn food ruts. I have weeks of creativity, with lots of ingredients and preparation techniques, and then there are weeks like these, when it’s cereal or nothing. Actually, I’ve been eating more than just cereal, but I haven’t been very creative in the kitchen.

Our lovely farmer brought us lots of lettuce this week. I like salads, but I have to be in the mood for them. And I haven’t been in the mood. So we decided to use up some of the lettuce by making lettuce wraps. I used the cabbage slaw and honey-glazed tofu recipes that I’ve made before, and just rolled it all up in a lettuce leaf. It was so refreshing! We didn’t even need a dipping sauce, since the slaw was drenched in peanut dressing.

I’ve been in a rut craft-wise, as well. I have all this fabric, all this paper, and all these ideas, but I haven’t put much of it to use. Actually, I made an apron for a friend, but I’m waiting to post it until she sees it. I’m also working on something really cool for another friend, a very, very belated birthday gift, which is basically done except for the packaging. And since I’m a sucker for gorgeous packaging, it’s taking forever because I have to coordinate a time when my loving, talented, design-centric husband and I can work together on it.

So there’s a lot of waiting. But thing I’m waiting anxiously on now is a possible job opportunity with a wonderful little boutique that sells hand-crafted items, from both local and national designers. I’d be helping out with inventory, making the shop look good, organizing the back room, and all that good stuff. You guys know how organized I am…I have fun at the B&B when it’s time to re-organize the laundry room. I’m hoping it will work out…I’d love to hang out in a place like that, meet the designers, help bring hand-made stuff to the world, or at least to Austin.

As another bonus, the owners have encouraged me to bring in things to sell. I wore my hand-made skirt when I talked to one of the owners, and she couldn’t believe I wasn’t selling my creations. It’s a gorgeous creative opportunity.

So, internets, I’m off to turn on the air conditioner (it’s 82 degrees today!) and sift through my crafty wares to see if anything inspiring comes up. Wish me luck!

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  1. I ended up turning on the AC today too. I can’t believe they have lettuce ready to harvest already. The new job sounds like a fun change of pace and a good opportunity. Good luck on it.

  2. I understand about the ruts! You’ll have to let us know which store when you get the job. Good luck!

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