Weekday lunch at Get Sum

Stopped by Get Sum Dim Sum for lunch the other day. It’s so nice to be able to get dim sum in the middle of the day!

I chose the dim sum lunch special… you choose two dim sum items, a veggie or pork bun, and it comes with a sesame bun.

Veggie-mushroom dumplings. Good, but I didn’t care for whatever strongly flavored mushroom was in there.

getsum dimsum

Veggie steamed bun – perfect texture, and the filling was delicious. Veggie fried spring rolls (also yummy), and the sesame bun, which I’m sure is great if you’re a fan of sesame seeds and red bean paste. 🙂

getsum bun

I’ll definitely stop by here again for lunch soon.

3 responses to “Weekday lunch at Get Sum”

  1. That’s the place by Central Market on N. Lamar, right? We see it every time we go there and we’ve been meaning to try it. Maybe now we will!

  2. I really like that place! I’ve had a few surprisingly good experiences there. Next time you head there, call me – it’s not so far from my house!

  3. Nice! I’ve always wanted to try fresh made dim sum, I’ll have to check that place out next time I’m up there.

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