Just got home from watching Avatar in 3D with Justin.

He really wanted to see it, because he thought it would be really imaginative and fun. I was NOT interested in it at all.

And….. I LOVED IT. It was predictable, but I didn’t care. It was beautiful, rich, full of wonder. I fell in love with Pandora and the Na’vi. I loved their connection to their surroundings, to nature, to each other. I loved their language, and the animals of their planet, and the strength of their belief in a higher being.

Also? 3D is so much fun.

Until tomorrow, internets, let’s all go dream of beautiful, balanced, natural worlds. 🙂

2 responses to “Avatar”

  1. I completely agree and felt exactly the same way! Also, how about that preview for Alice in Wonderland! I’m so stoked about that!

  2. It was amazing, so visual and you are right, beautiful!

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