Tasting Austin: Sweetish Hill Bakery & Cafe

This bakery is just a short walk from our home, but we don’t visit it enough. We have yet to try their lunch menu, which includes delicious-sounding sandwiches and soups. They also offer catering services and specialty cakes.

I decided that I wanted a cupcake, so we headed to Sweetish Hill. My cupcake (shown above) was delectable, moist and tasty with a very chocolatey frosting.

Justin tried two small desserts, a slice of baklava and a “bee sting” (shown above). The baklava was perfectly flaky, and each layer was crunchy without having that burned or hard texture that some baklavas can have. The bee sting was a graham crust topped with a honey and almond mixture. It was also very good, but as it didn’t have any chocolate, it wasn’t my favorite thing.

The bakery is light and airy, a nice place to hang out on a lazy afternoon. I think we’ll have to make a point of visiting more often.

Sweetish Hill Bakery & Cafe
1120 West Sixth Street
Austin, TX 78703

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  1. LUCKY! You live by Sweetish Hill. I went there once bc I had read about them in a magazine article years ago. I have the recipe for their Morning Glory muffins and they are FANtastic. Even though I usually go for the chocolate stuff.

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