Austin Farmer’s Market

Today we braved the brutal Texas heat to visit the downtown farmer’s market. I love that place. So many artists and farmers, proud to stand behind their displays of just-picked produce and handmade kolaches. I was excited about visiting today, because it’s time for my favorite summer vegetable to be ripe and luscious…tomatoes.

Today’s market featured lots of organic produce purveyors, plus artisan cow’s and goat’s milk cheese makers, bakers, tea-makers, soap-makers, and lots of other locals touting their wares.

We stopped to marvel at these beautiful onions, so real and fresh that you wonder what you’ve actually been eating all these years when you thought you were eating onions.

The same farmer had organic eggplant, zucchini, and turnips that piqued our interest.

But we ended up bringing home ripe tomatoes, squash blossoms, baby squash, baby carrots, sage cheddar, and string cheese. Our lunch was a plate of sliced tomatoes sprinkled with a little salt, whole carrots, baguette, and both cheeses.

I love Saturdays.

8 responses to “Austin Farmer’s Market”

  1. You lucky girl!! I fell in love with that sage cheese when you took me last time. Eat a piece for me!!!

  2. This has been so on my list of things to do, but I have problems getting out the door Saturday mornings for it. Seeing these wonderful photos may give me a little exra inspiration for next weekend.

  3. Those look so good ~ still waiting for the farmers markets to get rolling up here.

  4. Ooh, gorgeous photos! I’m so jealous.

  5. We are really lucky to live in this great city. It’s been so hot, it’s weird to think that your markets haven’t even started up yet, Linda!

  6. We had the gloomiest June on record. I am hoping to see some veggies at the market this coming Thursday. Also just poking my head in to let you know that I tagged you for the Cook Next Door meme. Not sure if you’ve been subjected to it yet.

  7. Hey Crystal, I’ve got some tomatoes which an uncle grew and gave me at my recent family reunion. I have far too many for me to eat, so you and Justin are more than welcome to them.

  8. I am so jealous of your farmer’s market. There isn’t one close to where I live and I really>b> miss the fresh produce.

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